As part of its Make It Count contest series finale, Element flew all its finalists from around the world to Southern California for one of the best week’s of their lives. They came down to our park for the afternoon, barbecued with us, and skated the TransWorld Skatepark to their heart’s content. Then, the very next day, they headed up to Element Skate Camp in the Sequoias for the Make It Count Finals—video coming Friday! Here’s the mega session with Neil Blackwood, Mikey Whitehouse, Matt Fisher, Ty Peterson, Dustin Blauvelt, Zack Doelling, Kaul Cossa, Garrett Miller, Johnny Purcell, Nate Greenwood, Julian Christianson, Ryota Abe, Simon Stricker, Kyle Smith, Jon Cosentino, Jon Depoian, and Miika Adamov.

Video by Cameron Holland, photo by Shigeo