You may remember Alfonso Fernandez, Jesus’ older brother, as he had a part in the LA County video back in the day along side Jesus and Dani Lebron. He started skating again after many years off the board because of a knee injury and came up with this part. Here’s the story in his own words:

After such a long time without being able to skate becuase of a knee injury, I kept myself secluded from skateboarding for almost ten years. Filming this video part was only an excuse to dedicate more time to doing the thing I could never get out of my head, which was skateboarding.

I never really thought that I would be able to skate again. Considering that when I first started up again I could barley keep my balance and being able to relearn a lot of tricks came as a surprise to me. At the beginning I couldn’t even Ollie. It looks like time can cure anything, or at least my knee pain which eventually stopped being so intense. To be honest I only planned on filming a few tricks to share with my friends, but I ended up filming what seems to be a full video part!

I would like to thank my friend and flimer Manuel Alcaide for not giving up on me and supporting me throughout the project. Even though we never considered throwing in the towel, it was tough to see this project through with zero budget.

I would also like to thank Jesus Fernandez, Daniel Lebron, and Javier Sarmiento for always being in the scene and continuing to inspire people with their skateboarding. Thanks to Colin Kennedy from Nike SB for supporting from the beginning and making sure I always had fresh shoes on my feet. Thanks to Enrique Mayor, Ben Skrzypek, and a special thanks to Victor Calvo for being there to capture the moment. Thanks to Transworld for their magazine and supporting our video, and to Gabriel Blázquez de SK8land for keeping boards under my feet and putting up with me. And of course a special thanks to everyone who is out in the streets everyday skating and keeping the spirit alive!—Alfonso Fernandez

Video: Manuel Alcaide

Photo: Victor Calvo