The rag tag band of Long Beach and high desert centralized micreants have steadily been performing interpretive maneuvers on wooden horses around the general Southern California area for some time now. The Cinematographer formally known as Habeeb has strung these maneuvers into a filmed titled Animus III. Featuring Donova Rice, Colin Doran, Greg Diaz, Billy Davenport, Jackson Davis, Justin Adeniran, Marcus Vik, Craig Clements, John Jones, Julian Heller, Justin McGowan, Adam Simoni, Tommy Pittenger, Tony Karr, Habeeb, Josh Flodter, Will Gabourel, John Gardner, Austin Leleu, Kyle Walsh, Tyrone Henderson, Nick Ligato, Mike Bloodsworth, and Myles Willard.

Video by Habeeb and Adam Simoni. @animuswoodenhorses