Excerpted from Spirit Quest. A movie by Colin Read.
A skateboarding exploration of the underwater world.

Featuring an original track by Vince Canger, available for free download: hottown.bandcamp.com/releases

And listen to Vince's new playlist with songs inspired by—and songs that inspired—the Spirit Quest soundtrack: mixcloud.com/svalaradio/hot-town-08/

Featuring skating by:

Eby Ghafarian
Matt Town
Carlos Young
Taylor Nawrocki
Tsuyoshi Uchida
Ryan Barlow
James Coleman
Leo Valls
James Sayres
Brian Berding
John Baragwanath
Alex Reyes
Colin Read
Seimi Miyahara
Katsumi Minami
Alex Fogt
John Lindsay
Jameel Douglas
Jimmy Lannon
Takahiro Morita

Featuring hand-drawn animations by Cosme Studio.

Rent or buy Spirit Quest in its entirety of 80 minutes, plus extras: spiritquest.vhx.tv/