Legends never die. Harold Hunter (1974-2006) talks about his notorious ASR slam during the 2002 Long Gap Challenge handily won by Andrew Reynolds (Footage courtesy Classic Slams). This was a portion of our phone conversation for Harold’s 15 Things feature in Skateboarder Mag (Jan. 2003 – scroll down for article) that Jeff Pang helped me set up. The audio has never been released so I transcribed this portion of the text for the first time here. I’ll upload this full conversation soon for anybody who wants to hear the whole thing. Some crazy stories in this one. Rest in Peace Harold, you were one of a kind.

Deadhippie: Hey, what about that slam at ASR. The long gap thing?
Harold Hunter (via phone 2002): Oh that. That? I was like fuck that.

How did you… Who told you too…
I'm a legend you know what I'm sayin'. I'm a legend like Ron Allen. I'm a legend like fuckin' Mark Gonzales.

You just walked up there? You just wanted to do it? No one was telling you to go do it or nothing?
Nah. Nobody was telling me to go do it. I was doing my own industry. I was like that shit is easy. I could do that shit. $10,000? Motherfuckers, Danny Way is jumping out of a fuckin' plane into a fucking vert ramp. You got fuckin' Colin McKay jumping out of a fuckin' plane too. Into a fuckin, a fuckin' ramp. A vert ramp. And I'm like "Fuck it." Let me try to jump this fuckin' gap. It's just a fuckin' gap, you know. I said that in my head.

So I saw all these legends around, so I was like, "I'm a legend. You know I've been around for a long time. Let me rep. Let me rep the thing. So I was on top of the quarterpipe, you know, I dropped down it, I cruised it and I was like—I slowed down and then I was like, "Whoa, I ain't gonna do this." So then I went back up and all the crowd was going, "Harold, Harold, Harold, Harold, Harold."

Did it look crazy long?
When I got close to it, that shit got longer. Because it looked close, it looked very close when I was on top of the quarterpipe. But when I dropped in I was like, "Damn, why that ramp is moving?" I thought I was on acid or something. So then I went to Ollie and I was gonna just throw my board and just like whatever, land in the middle or something. Not even fuckin' trying to go over the ramp. I just wanted to push my board out. Just try it out. But I went kind of fast. I didn't even like Ollie. I just fuckin' said "Fuck it, let me get on top of the ramp." I'm flying in the air, I thought I was going to over the ramp. I was like, "Why am I not going over the ramp? Why am I in mid-air?"

I felt like I was in mid air and I fell down. Like I went up, and down, you know. I wound up crashing into the Grind King poster and fuckin' banging my chest. And then I went under the fuckin' ramp. Then like a hundred motherfuckers went under the ramp and grabbed me and picked me up out of the ramp. And I was all right. I got up with a smile and everyone was smiling with me. They were like, "Harold! Yay!" They were happy for me that I was alive you know. But $10,0000. Jesus Christ man.

That's a lot of money.
That's a lot of fuckin' money. Let's go all out. Let's play. You know, there's a lot of things I do in the city. I come up. I jumped some big shit you know what I mean. Without the fucking camera. I don't need a video camera or a picture camera. You know, I have fun with my friends and people will brag the next day like, "Harold killed it. Harold was ripping last night." I skate better without the camera sometimes you know. But I just did because I wanted to do it and I wanted to get that $10,000. You know 'cause I'm in debt. I owe a lot of people money. Nah, I'm only playin'. Only playin' (laughs).

RIP Harold Hunter (1974-2006)
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This was the article as it ran in 2003. 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Harold Hunter. Words Deadhippie. Photo: Unaccredited. Click for XXL.