Ben Gore, Bright Moments Part and Interview

Ben Gore’s part in Zach Chamberlin’s Bright Moments video is not your average walk in the park, every trick revolves around some sort of scooter or motorcycle. I hit up Ben to get the skinny on how he managed to avoid getting beaten up and what exactly it was that he did over two Harleys.--Dave Chami

Wallie over Vespa. Photo / CHAMI

Wallie over Vespa. Photo / CHAMI

How long have you been filming with Zach and how is it filming with him?
I think I've been hanging with Zach for 9 years now. He use to pick me up on his motorcycle and we'd just cruise around and hit spots. Filming with him is the best! He’s down for everything and no terrain stops him. What most people don't know is that he's actually better at skating then me, haha. He's super talented whether he's filming a trick or doing a trick. I’d like to film a part of him.

How did you come up with the idea to film a whole part skating over motorcycles and scooters? I’m interested to know what sparked it.

I think we just randomly filmed a couple clips on them and then I just said fuck it, let’s film a whole part. It started naturally then I took it a bit too far.

I remember you talking about maybe buying your own scooter to pull this idea off but then in the end you didn’t have to, explain why.
Well I thought about it, I had this idea of buying a scooter outside the city, using it for one trick, and then selling it in the city for more money. Then buying a better one outside the city using it again for a trick then selling it for even more and so on and so on and so on. So at the end of the project I’d either have made a bunch of money filming this part or I’d have a Ducati, haha. I still think it would have worked, but whatever I didn't end up doing it.

Ollie over scooter to frontside wallride. Photo / CHAMI

Ollie over scooter to frontside wallride. Photo / CHAMI

Did you have certain setups that you were looking for or did it all come naturally?
It was a mix, I def thought of ideas that would be sick to find. Some of them I did, some I didn't. I’d just skate whatever ones I’d see that were somewhat set up. I definitely picked up a few bikes and moved them across the street to a better bump or something. It was a bit risky since these things were not mine, It was pretty fun though.

How did filming something conceptual like this compare to filming a standard part?

It was fun, I had to look at things a lot different. I wasn't looking for spots anymore, I was looking for motorcycles and Scooters. Every time I found one I just had to hope the curb cut was good or there was something I could do with it on that particular block.

Was there ever anything you wanted to film but couldn’t find/get?
Yeah there were definitely a few things I didn't get or find but whatever, it got tiring after a while. I needed to move on and skate some other stuff. I started limiting myself too much, I needed to stop looking for the perfect scooter. I’ll probably find those ones when I'm not even looking and I’ll probably still skate them. I’ll definitely still film tricks over motorcycles and scooters in the future, I know I will.

Ben and Zach. Photo / CHAMI

Ben and Zach. Photo / CHAMI

Any injuries to you or a bike?
Not really man. I nicked a few but nothing serious, that still surprises me. I rolled my ankle trying the fakie ollie, I knew if I wanted to do it I had like three tries left until I was in serious pain, so I landed that with a rolled ankle. Nothing too crazy though.

Any interesting encounters with the bikes’ owners? Didn’t one girl come along and ride off on her scooter while you were trying to skate over it?

Yeah sometimes people wouldn't even say anything they'd just come out, get on the thing and drive away. I always thought it was funny when that happened, like there goes that spot! Or do I really look that scary that they couldn't say something to me about it. if I had a Vespa, Harley or whatever and it looked like somebody was messing with it I’d definitely have something to say about it but once again nothing too crazy happened. I definitely didn't skate certain ones cause it was a bit too risky. Like whoever owns that Harley right there is not messing around.

What was the hardest trick to get?
All of it was hard, I was constantly thinking, don't fuck this thing up. That’s probably why I finally stopped and just said I think we have enough now.

My favorite is your kickflip over the two Harleys, was that a random find?
I didn't kickflip two. You obviously didn't even watch the part you fucking kiwi.

Dammit, it was an ollie huh? My bad. Why didn’t you kickflip it?
It started raining while I was trying, no joke.

What’s next for you?
A turkey sandwich.

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