Our skatepark hosted some insane sessions in 2015. We honestly couldn’t believe some of the shit that went down! Here’s a recap of some of our favorite moments. As you know, the park is revamped and ready to get even crazier in 2016. Thanks to eveyone that rolled through!

In order of appearance: Garrett Hill, Chris Cole, James Brockman, Jimmy Carlin, Brian “Slash” Hansen, Collin Provost, Reese Salken, Corey Glick, Jack McNulty, Mason Silva, Ben Nordberg, Windsor James, Jack Olson, Shea Cooper, Little C, Taylor Smith, Taylor Kirby, Riley Hawk, AJ Zavala, Chris Gregson, Jose Rojo, Zack Wallin, Blue Turner, Nolan Lively, Brendon Villanueva, Brandon Turner, Woogie, Stephen Lawyer, Alexis Ramirez, Kevin White, Blake Johnson, Moose, Yuri Facchini, TJ Harris, Dylan Witkin, Paul Hart, Frank Shaw, Steve Caballero, Rick Fabro, Chase Webb, Will Grayson, Aramis Hudson, Oscar Candon, Dlamini Dlamini, Tre Williams, Franky Villani, Kevin Bradley, Jamie Tancowny, Brad Cromer, Sammy Winter, Leo Romero, David Reyes, and Truman Hooker, whew!

Video / @csholland