Dan Magee’s seminal video for Blueprint Waiting For The World came out in 2000. Slam City Skates brings us this crystal clear digitised version of a stone cold classic. Seventeen years later and this one still holds up! It is the first video which gave UK skateboarding some shine on a wider scale.

It features the Blueprint team at the time consisting of Scott Palmer, Nick Jensen, Paul Shier, Mark Baines, Paul Carter, Carl Shipman, Channon King, Colin Kennedy, Andres Holguin and John Rattray.

The Octagon Wheels section features Adrian French, Ben Dominguez, Louis Slater, Jamie Bolland, Jacob Sawyer, David Holguin, Adam Lane, Seth Curtis, Joel Curtis, Matt Boulton, Mark Jackson, Toby Shuall, Alan Rushbrooke, Vaughan Baker, Gustav Eden, Greg Finch, Jake Hipwell, Ewan Bowman, Mark Skinner, Dan Callow, Mat Fowler, Billy Rohan and Nik Taylor.

Enjoy reminiscing with this one, it really set the standard for all other videos to follow.