Lurkville’s ace in the hole, BK dropped a two-song banger to close out Lurkville’s new video. Watch it while you can, then read below to get to know this low-key San Diego ripper.

Over the back 50-50.

Are you originally from San Diego? What part of town?
I’m originally from Florida, but I’ve lived in San Diego most of my life. We moved out to Valley Center, which is in north east county, when I was seven.

What part of SD are you living in now and what are the pros and cons of that neighborhood?
I live in North Park now and there’s really not much to complain about here. Close to everything, lots of good food, streets are pretty clean.

How did you end up on Lurkville? Were you riding for anyone before?
I was riding for this shop in Escondido called Allied Board Shop and the owner, Crispin Boraza, was friends with Tyrone Taylor (one of the current owners of Lurkville). I might have met Tyrone when he was a rep that would come into the shop, but I never really knew him back then. I would always be bringing in tapes for Crispin to pass along so Tyrone would always be getting them, but worked for Vans or something at the time, before Lurkville started. So a couple years later I get a call out of the blue from Tyrone being like, “What’s up? I’ve seen your videos over the years. I’m starting a board company now, you down?” Before that I never really rode for anything else for real.


What's the biggest handrail you've ever skated?
I’m not sure how they all compare to each other, but the one that’s always felt the biggest is the 21 at Torrey Pines High. It’s really steep, you can’t even see what you’re about to go down until you’re about to pop.

Favorite San Diego skatepark?
I go to the new City Heights one the most because it’s so close to my house, but it has the most generic designs you could ever ask for.

Favorite SD food spot?
Tribute Pizza.

Who are the best filmers in San Diego?
Vindog, Chas Cruz, Big Cam.

How do you guys pick the music for the Lurkville videos?
I don’t know how everyone else does it, but I stay out of the music selection process as much as I can and let Tyrone or Brando Greer pick them.

Which bands have you skated to, and what band do you still want to skate to?
Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Roxy Music—I skated to B-52s Rock Lobster in Justin Greer’s video Mole Vision, that’s a good one. I’ve always wanted to skate to Tom Waits but it doesn’t ever seem to work out with anything.

What's up with that funky board you've been skating lately?
The pink one? It’s a Dylan Jones, Cat Palace board. It’s a fun one for sure, very unique wavy shape, giant square tail that’s kind of hard to Ollie good on. It’s mostly flat but still some concave. Definitely not the best tech trick board, it’s challenging, but that makes it more fun.

During the last video. I heard a rumor that when you tried to boardslide the long curved white rail, you got so pissed that you focused your board, some trash cans, and then when you were driving away you stopped your car, opened the trunk and focused the filmer’s cruiser board. Any truth to that?
Yes that is true. I even focused my car as well. The front end of my car was already damaged, so I stomped that part of my car after I stomped my board and fucked it up even worse. I think I started losing it after that and tried to drive away but had to stop ’cause I was too mad still, so that’s when the filmer’s board came out. That was a rough day.

Ollie over wall to backside 50-50. Photo: Tosh Rice

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