The pro board only lasts so long, but the pro’s shop will last as long as his stoke to open up the door each day. DJ Chavez has the stoke. The team? Don’t bother sending in tapes kids, the only way to get on the ‘team’ is through putting in some solid hours kicking it at the shop… Taking care of the bagel run never hurt either.—David Jurusik

What were you doing up until you got the keys made to Kingswell?
Running other people's stores [laughs]. Working ever since I started separating myself from skating for a living. I moved away from California for a little while and went to Colorado and worked with the homies up there for a bit, my homies at Satellite. Then I decided I needed to get back to California 'cause winter sucked. Ended up jumping in with Muska who had just opened his store. I spent two years there, two years at Baker Boys, and then I ended up at Brooklyn Projects. I was there for three-and-a-half years.

What made you and Patrick Melcher want to jump into the ownership realm of the shop?
It's the dream, you know what I mean? When you're a kid, you always want to have a skateshop, being a skateboarder. I think that's what we all wanted. Melcher hit me up, he's still doing the skate thing but was like, "Dude, skating's not going to last forever, I want to be able to do stuff later on and still be involved, and you have all the retail knowledge." We could make it happen where we would be sitting in our shop later on and not have to worry about jumping down stuff and still be involved in what we truly care about.

Kingswell is a skateshop, tattoo shop, and gallery. How did you come about that trifecta?
It was all the things that we're really stoked on. Thinking about skateboarding being more artistic than anything else and a bunch of people doing cool shit off the board, and nobody really has a place to showcase it. Our friends do rad art and also skateboard. The tattoo side of it, that was another thing that we were into. I never really seen that done and everyone is always hanging out at a shop and then going to go get tattooed. Why not have that housed right there?

Are you guys looking to build a team through Kingswell?
My whole thing is like, if you're here setting up boards all the time, if you're here all the time, then you're on the team. That's the team. I'd rather build a solid gathering of really amazing individuals that are stoked to be around the shop. I don't want it to be typical.

“If you're here setting up boards all the time, if you're here all the time, then you're on the team.”

What's the best part about having the keys to your own shop in your pocket?
Being 100 percent stoked to go to work every single day. It's a fucking blessing. I'm stoked to get to work early. I'm stoked to open those doors every day. I'm stoked on every single person that comes in. I don't think that most people get that ever in their life. That's the fucking best thing in the world.

4651 Kingswell Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027 / (323) 522-3028 /

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