Do you guys get it yet? It's Friday and as always Ted had no shortage of DM’s sent to him throughout the week. But you won’t find these on his Instagram page (@feedback_ts)—these are only going to be found right here on the TWS YouTube page. Now if only Kenny Anderson would’ve reviewed Ted’s clip…

Interview with Ted right here:
Ted Barrow Interview

About @Feedback_TS:
Ted Barrow aka @Feedback_TS is one our favorite Instagram follows. He’s a New York skater that has built up quite a following by having kids submit their videos to his account for an honest and sometimes brutal critique; occasionally a positive review is posted…occasionally. With no shortage of willing submissions, Ted’s dry and witty delivery can be polarizing to some and may be an acquired taste to others, but we love it. We’re going to bring you a weekly dose of some our favorite roasts of his in this mini-montage for your viewing pleasure. And if you’re brave enough, you should submit your clips to him via his “link in bio” instructions (@feedback_ts) and see if you can make it through the gauntlet unscathed.