Entry #7 MADE Premier
Last Thursday at the Art Theatre in Long Beach, California skaters lined up around the block to get the first look at the latest Emerica flick Made: Chapter One. Many familiar faces turned up to catch the new clips of Provost, Romero, and Westgate, and the cast did not disappoint. Jeremy Leabres kicked off this first chapter with a welcome part adding to the noise levels inside. Once the credits rolled, parched attendees headed to Alex's Bar for thirst relief and entertainment form Cuates as well as a few laughs from Josh Murphy.

Enjoy this lurker's-eye view of the event and prepare yourself for the upcoming release of Made: Chapter One. Check the listing for your local shop premier coming this Thursday (September 12th).


Busted Shoes Diaries: A record of events, transactions, or observations kept at frequent intervals. All entries are filmed and edited in aged sneakers characterized by thinning gum rubber and extreme toe wear.