Busted Shoe Diaries: STEE Premier

Entry #6 STEE Premier
Fingers were stacked appropriately last night as San Diegans and visitors packed into the Wave House to catch a first look at the Sk8mafia and Sweet collab video STEE. The vibe was especially tropical as waves crashed onto the beach 50 feet away from the big screen. The flick has plenty of clips to loose your voice to and the homie-vibe is strong making STEE an essential pre-session video. Be sure to grab a a copy, there’s some tricks in here you’re going to want to go through frame-by-frame. Check the premiere photos!


Busted Shoes Diaries: A record of events, transactions, or observations kept at frequent intervals. All entries are filmed and edited in aged sneakers characterized by thinning gum rubber and extreme toe wear.