We lost Caesar Rosado much too soon. Chris Loukides put this together in his memory.

“I was fortunate to have been able to skate and film with Caesar from about 2011 to 2017, mostly while I lived in Santa Clara. He welcomed me into the San Jose area, where I would have been lost without his friendship.

Caesar lived big on and off the board. He didn't slow down for anyone. He was a true skateboarder. He jumped, he slammed, he battled. With Caes, even after a heavy session, he'd be eager to film me, the filmer, and when a trick was landed, he'd make sure the whole block knew.

Our sessions together were special, because his unfiltered energy and excitement was contagious. Sometimes he was a handful, but you could always count on him to hype you up. He got me to look at things differently. It wasn't all flash and high volume, he enjoyed the little things too. A barbecue in the summer sunshine, good food with friends, those were the things he always hoped for at the end of the day. Today I appreciate these moments more because of Caes.

Puerto Rico, the coqui frog, and barbecue chicken will always make me think of him. And any time I land a new trick, or a session is going off, I'll wish he was there to bring the hype like he always did. I'm forever grateful to call him my friend.” -Chris Loukides