A concept by Opperclaes.


The project Character Type was an intervention in the city of Rotterdam in september 2018 and bridged the gap between public art and skateboarding. The words are a hommage to a skateboarding state of mind.

Therefore the letters were build and designed to be skatable sculptures and placed in the city to create new skatespots and transform unused space into a temporary lively area for three days.

The design comes from a series of typographical installations done by Opperclaes for the last 4 years. By using typography in public space they created an endless area for graphic design, with no boundaries in scale and size. Character Type is the first three dimensional intervention which was build with furniture designer and skateboarder Jeroen van Sluis.

The film is made by Sami El Hassani, a Rotterdam filmmaker. El Hassani gathered a group of the most creative skateboarders from the Netherlands and planned the trip through the city during the weekend. The words and letters were skated in ways that they were intended to skate, but most of the times the skaters would see or find ways to use them in different ways than expected. Resulting in an edit full of great skating with loads of creativity.

Character Type is designed and build in collaboration with Jeroen van Sluis. the project was made for Wooosh / Rotterdam Festivals

Film and edit:
Sami El Hassani

Riders in order of appearance:
Reyndert Guiljam
Rob Maatman
Robin Pedro
Martijn Guiljam
Rachid Addou
Joey Verberkt
Jeremy van der Eijk
Remco Stolze
Marc Francis
Wouter Molenaar
Jeff Smit
Tim Zom
Jannes van der Baar
Dennie Wagner
Jan Maarten Sneep
Marcel Beemster
Robbin de Wit
Sebastiaan Vijverberg
Wouter de Jong