Chris Colbourn ‘Cut & Dry’

Check out Chris Colbourn’s ender part from the independent video Cut & Dry by James Buchmann. One of the best videos to come out this year. Merry Christmas! Buy Cut & Dry

From Chris’ Check Out in our January 2014 issue:

Age: 22
Home: Williston, Vermont/Los Angeles, California
Sponsors: Element (flow), HUF (flow), Mighty Healthy, Satori Wheels, Bones Bearings, Brooklyn Projects, Talent Skatepark, Mountain Dew

New Year’s Resolution: To make it to Europe for a skate trip.
Best recent video: I Heart Skateboarding.
Newest music in your iPhone: Chance The Rapper, Action Bronson, and Earl Sweatshirt.
Favorite skatepark: LES.
When not skating you’re: Kicking back with my roommates on our roof, grilling, and painting.
Am who should be pro: Tony Karr.
Next skate trip: Tampa Am.
Video part you watch before skating: Anything of Van Wastell.

Chris is a beast. His repertoire of tricks and his personality are about to bless the skateboard world. You’ll see!—Pete Eldridge