Chris Larue has been ripping around San Diego for years. You might have seen him sessioning a rail with Corey Duffel when Corey would be in town visiting Tum Yeto back in the day. Or maybe you might have seen him on a filming mission with his Lurkville cohorts or seen his guest trick popping up in James Brockman’s video part. Always mellow and fun to hang out with, Chris’ talent and personality got him a job at Pacific Drive and a spot on the Lurkville roster. He’s got the crushing first part in Lurkville’s new video, It Came From Lurkville, and they just surprised him with his pro board the past Sunday at PD. So here’s a little interview to get to know the man a little better, with a few photos we’ve shot over the past year.—Blair Alley

Wallie tuck knee. San Diego, CA. Photo: Blair Alley

What's the skate scene like in SD nowadays?
Best it's been in a long time for me. It seems like the SD skate scene has a bunch of different crews killing it. No hate or no one taking the hate personal. So, good vibes at the parks and homies will send a pin to the new hot spot. A little hate never hurt. It is skateboarding.

How long have you been working at PD?
Eleven years going on twelve. I don't know if I'll ever grow out of the shop life. And Jim the owner is best dude when he's not locked up.

What's the craziest thing you've seen inside or outside of the shop?
I saw a bum one time push over another bum in a wheelchair and waterboard him. It was craze.

What's the most ridiculous thing someone has asked for in the shop?
Pretty much any question that comes out of Tune Tran's mouth. He's asked customers to see their green cards.

Give me some dos and don'ts when visiting the shop.
•Be normal
•Maybe respond when greeted
•At Pac Drive we give what we get so be cool and we will be too
•Come in asking for free shit or the bathroom. We don't got it.

How long have you ridden for Lurkville?
I think I got on when Jeremy Leabres got on or a little after. Six years maybe, not sure.

Did you think you'd go pro after this latest video?
Honestly didn't see it coming but definitely hyped how it happened. They fully surprised me.

Hippy jump. San Diego, CA. Photo: Blair Alley

Who's idea was the hippy junk jam we shot?
I had figured out I could wallie and hippie jump, just needed to find a spot for it. I've been hyped on that spot. Just had to bring some wood. Always wanted to get some on it like Kellen James and Ethan Fowler.

How long did you film for the new video?
It felt like forever. I kept filming tricks and taking other tricks out and what not, maybe a couple years.

What's next?
Been filming HD clips with Cameron McIntosh, hopefully they make it in the video he's working on. Maybe it makes it to the TWS site. Other than that just filming VX with my favorite filmer, Chase Cruz.

What does Lurkville expect out of you now that you're pro?
I'm sure they expect smiles and high fives. And I can deliver that. Maybe some hammers.

What are you gonna do with your first pro check?
Maybe a nice spot in La Jolla to rest my head.

What shape are you riding right now?
I've been riding a 9.75 square tail with a 14.125 wheelbase.

Best trick done on the PD parking block?
Otto Ray has pulled some tricks out his ass to mention a few feeble frontside flip, front blunt hard flip, and nosegrind nollie flip. All slapped into. duh!

Jim Ruonala quote that you'll always remember?
"That's how it goes in the big city," referring to anything that doesn't go your way.

Wallie gap out. San Diego, CA. Photo: Blair Alley

Download It Came From Lurkville here!