The Cinematographer Project, World View: Kyle Camarillo (Brazil)

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Kyle Camarillo chose the deep-rooted streets of Brazil for his section in The Cinematographer Project, World View, and had a few people in mind to film with from the start. Kyle is no stranger to cinematography and it clearly shows in his edit. Some shots make you feel like you’re right there with them. And when you’re filming with a talented squad like this, you’re bound to get quite a heavy end result. Check the edit here online for the first time ever and be sure to get the full-length on iTunes!

Excerpt taken from Kyle Camarillo’s interview in our Feb '17 issue:

How has it been filming this?
Well my section was shot entirely on a two-week trip to Brazil. So it was a pretty tight schedule. I also had to play the team manager roll with help from Rodrigo Petersen. So I had more to juggle than just filming. But the crew I had made it real easy. They killed it out there and they are the reason it came together at all. 100% shredders.

What was your plan going in? Break down everyone involved in your section.
The plan shifted a few times, but settled with a week in São Paulo and a week in Rio. Rodrigo Petersen really helped me get the main crew together. I have known Rodrigo and Adelmo Jr. for a long time. Long before I worked for LRG actually. We'd talked for years about taking a trip to Brazil so I was more than hyped to make it happen. I'd skated with Carlos Iqui, Yuri Facchini, Klaus Bohms, and Danny Cerenzini a few times in the past but just on little sessions here and there. This was the first time I got to work on an actual project with them and I knew they would kill it. I hadn't met Wilton Souza, Pedro Biagio, or Gabriel Fortunato before but I had seen footage of them and knew that this was the next generation of Brazilian skaters. We met up with photographer, Heverton Ribeiro in São Paulo and he was down to continue with us on the trip to Rio.

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