Clyde Singleton Vs. Mike Rosa

Whaddup folks.. pardon the absence, as I’ve been taking a much needed “vacation.” With that said, I’m back down South, and this time you know I gotta reach out to my folks back home. Repping Creation Skateboards, Venture Trucks, DVS & Westside Skateshop. We got none other than my man (and one of my favorite skateboarders), Mike Rosa. Big shout out to John Montesi, my man Nicky Matlin over at Street Corner, Anthony Conard, plus any and everyone else down with the movement. I’ll see y’all in PHX this weekend, LA next week, and I’ll be holding down the East Coast and down South thereafter. Hey, it’s about to be a hot summer, yadig..jeah!–Clyde Singleton

Filmed by: Anthony Conard
Videography by: Clyde Singleton
Song by: Show & AG- Live Hard