This trip was merely the catalyst for Converse's One Star World Tour promoting the reborn classic skate shoe, and what better way to kick off a world tour than to start it right at home with the entire team? Hitting the road from Atlanta to Chicago in the dead heat of August, the crew's demo schedule was so relentless it looked as if there wouldn't be a second to street skate, but the Converse roster has all bases covered, so it's really no surprise that the tricks flowed like cold beer at a summer barbecue. From Jason Jessee to Kenny Anderson to Louie Lopez, there isn't one person on the team who isn't a true skate rat. And between two photographers and three filmers, we could still barely keep up. Thanks to the shops we visited: Stratosphere, Black Sheep, Galaxie, Escapist, Silo, Familia, and Uprise.

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