Daewon’s Picnic Video

We had an epic day at the legendary Lockwood Elementary in LA on Sunday. adidas and Transworld put on Daewon’s Picnic, a four-part contest using all of  the school’s iconic benches and banks. LA OGs came out in droves: The Gonz, Paulo Diaz, Gabriel Rodriguez, Gino Iannucci, you name it! There were separate awards for each section with the triple OG judging staff of Daewon, Ronnie Bertino, and Joey Suriel. John Dilo took the manual and over-the-bench checks, Dashawn Jordan won the bank to bench section, Niels Bennett won Daewon’s Bonus section, and Miles Silvas was awarded the Top Overall Skater. Check the photos.

Video: @collinhpx @kylesteneide


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