Last nights Converse Concrete Jam and TWS Best Trick over the door gap got rowdy! Insane stunts were going down left and right with near misses, until a heavy collision finally went down. Pedro Delfino and Scotty Laird knocked each other out, Pedro having to leave via an ambulance. Both dudes are okay thankfully. The show went on with Dylan Witkin (five-0 across the top gapping out to the lower quarterpipe) winning the jam and Evandro Martins (backside tailslide shove-it) winning our Best Trick! Check the photos.

Converse Concrete Jam Results:
1. Dylan Witkin
2. Evandro Martins
3. Brian Upapong

TransWorld Door Gap Best Trick
1. Evandro Martins, backside tailslide shove-it.
2. Dylan Witkin, five-0 off the end.
3. Oskar Rozenberg, backside 360.

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Video / @kevperez