This year the Copenhagen Open took its famous contest to new cities–and didn’t tell everyone about them all! It started in Copenhagen last week (as you probably saw on several IG accounts), then yesterday everyone flew/rolled into Amsterdam for another secret contest day today. It started at 2 p.m. on two ledges in front of the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam’s city center. After a session there, we boarded boats and hopped on bikes to the Marnix bowl not far away. A heavy session ensued. Then it was off to Noord Skatepark on the north side of the city for some death races, a mini-mega, punk rock bands and wild food trucks. You really need to follow @copenhagenopen and @transworldskate on IG to see the action going down! Next stop Berlin!

Photos: @blair.alley

Trent McClung ended up winning the contest at the Heineken Brewery. Kickflip nosegrind.

Josh Matthews, mach 10 kickflip nosegrind.

Trent McClung, frontside 180 fakie five-0, to straight.

Alex Olson, nosegrind 180 out.

Marek Zaprazny, nollie 180 kickflip fakie nosegrind.

Happy Birthday to Scuba Steve!

Luan Oliveira, kickflip nosegrind.

Ishod Wair, fakie ollie switch frontside crooked grind.

Wieger, backside tail in his homeland.

Stefan Janoski, nollie backside five-0.

Ishod, frontside 180 to switch crooks in Koston’s eye.

Not a bad squad.

Jumpman Unchained.

All aboard!

To the Marnix bowl! Jaime Foy taking to the skies.

Cody Lockwood, airtime.

Milton Martinez blasting off.

Ishod, frontside.

Fernando Bramsmark, frontside air.

Zach Miller, airing over Jimmy Wilkins.

Hugo Boserup, flying.

Oski Rozenberg, lien.