Creature’s Riprider Cruiser

So, I got Creature’s Riprider cruiser in the mail the other day, and this thing is a cruiser like no other. For one, it came in a coffin-shaped box. For two, it was PLASTIC, or some other space-age polymer whose formal name I am unfamiliar with. Three, it is TINY coming in at just over two feet in length. Fourth, it weighs A TON, and that’s the best part–it will last forever. When you’re six feet under, you can rest assured the Creature Riprider will be alive and kicking. While it is doubtful that a flip trick can be performed on such a tank, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw Smolik rip the Riprider out of the hands of Street Navs and start switch tre-flipping across Ocean Beach. I think Jimmy Carlin already hardflipped Hedding’s. Oh wait, that was the Hacksaw. Got a Riprider, you say? First person to send me a video of a flip trick on the Riprider gets a big fat package of whatever I have laying around the office which includes but is not limited to this vintage Jimmy Astleford t-shirt. Look for the Riprider and many other great mini cruisers in the MUST HAVES of the November issue of TWS.