Decade In Review 2010-2019

As they say, “time flies when you’re having fun,” and so another decade comes to a close in the aging pastime, artform, lifestyle or whatever you want to call it; skateboarding. Skate historians say that skateboarding was invented in the late 40s to early 50s, so that makes it almost 70 years old. But we all know things didn’t really start to pick up and become what we know as modern skateboarding until the mid 1970s, which would make it about 45 years old. Still an old bastard, but not geriatric by any means and we’re still having fun. But beyond pondering the age of all of this, we’re here to take note of what came out this past decade and to highlight some of our personal favorite videos and video parts that left a lasting impression on us as we move into the next decade.

Notable (but not all) Full-Length Videos from 2010-2019:
(To refresh our brains since the beginning of this decade feels like a hundred years ago.)

  • 2010
    Blueprint, Make Friends With The Colour Blue
    Emerica,Stay Gold
    Habitat, Origin
    LRG,Give Me My Money Chico
    Pontus Alv, In Search of the Miraculous
    Toy Machine, Brainwash

  • 2011
    Foundation, WTF
    NikeSB, The SB Chronicles Vol. 1
    Real, Since Day One
    Transworld, Not Another Transworld Video

  • 2012
    Almost, 5-Incher
    Element, Future Nature
    DGK, Parental Advisory
    Girl, Pretty Sweet
    Transworld, The Cinematographer Project

  • 2013
    Cliché, Bon Voyage
    Deathwish,The Deathwish Video
    Emerica, Made
    NikeSB, The SB Chronicles Vol. 2
    Transworld, Perpetual Motion
    Zero, Cold War

  • 2014
    Antihero, Destination Unknown
    Dekline, True Blue
    Enjoi, Oververt
    Flip, 3
    HabitatSearch The Horizon
    Josh StewartStatic 4&5
    Plan B, True
    Supreme, “cherry”
    Transworld, Outliers
    Volcom, True To This

  • 2015
    Isle, Vase
    LRG, 1947
    NikeSB, The SB Chronicles Vol. 3
    Real, Through and Through
    Sour, The Sour Solution
    Vans, Propeller

  • 2016
    Adidas, Away Days
    Colin ReadSpirit Quest
    Emerica, Made 2
    GX1000, GX1000
    HockeyHockey II
    Polar, I Like It Here Inside My Mind. Don’t Wake Me This Time
    Sk8MafiaThe Sk8Mafia Video
    Vans, No Other Way
    Volcom, Holy Stokes

  • 2017
    Anithero, The Body Corporate
    Foundation, Oddity
    HockeyHockey III
    Krooked, LSD
    Lakai, The Flare
    New Balance Numeric, TriColor
    Nine One Seven, 917
    Real, By Any Means
    TransworldRiddles In Mathmatics
    Welcome, Fetish

  • 2018
    Bronze 56k, It’s Time
    Converse, Purple
    Element, Peace
    Etnies, Album
    Foundation, Souvenir
    Girl, Doll
    GX1000, Roll Up
    Hockey, Killshot
    HUF, 001
    Illegal Civilization, IC3
    NikeSB, Medley
    Polar, We Blew It At Some Point
    Primitive, Never
    Quasi, Mother
    Supreme, “BLESSED”
    Vans, Spinning Away

  • 2019
    Baker, Baker4
    Habitat, Connector Line
    Krooked, Mermaid
    New Balance Numeric, String Theory
    NikeSB, Gizmo
    NikeSB, Trust Fall
    Nine One Seven, 917-2
    Passport, Kitsch
    Redbull, You Good
    Slave, Radio Silence
    Sour, The Sour Solution II
    Supreme, Candyland
    Toy Machine, Programming Injection
    WKND, Death Dance
    Zero, Damn It All

Here’s a list of some of our favorite or just plain heavy video parts from 2010-2019:

  • 2010
    Silas Baxter-Neal, Origin
    Dylan Rieder
    , Dylan
    Andrew Reynolds, Stay Gold
    Leo Romero, Stay Gold
    Rodrigo TX, Chico Give Me Your Money
    Brandon Westgate, Stay Gold
  • 2011
    Dennis Busenitz, Since Day One
    Nyjah Huston, Rise & Shine
    Wes Kremer, Not Another Transworld Video
    Torey Pudwill, Big Bang
    LucasPuig, Pro Spotlight
    Grant Taylor, The SB Chronicles Vol. 1

  • 2012
    Austyn Gillette, Unlimited
    Marc Johnson, Pretty Sweet
    Guy Mariano, Pretty Sweet
    Mark Suciu, Cross Continental
    Evan Smith, The Cinematographer Project
    Rodrigo TX, Parental Advisory
    Alien Workshop, The Cinematographer Project

  • 2013
    Silas Baxter-Neal, Perpetual Motion
    Slash, The Deathwish Video
    Jon Dickson, The Deathwish Video
    Lucas Puig, Bon Voyage
    Brandown Westgate, Made
    Evan Smith, The Evan Smith Experience
    Ishod Wair, The SB Chronicles Vol. 2
    Nyjah Huston, Fade To Black

  • 2014
    Dylan Rieder/ Alex Olson, “cherry”
    Bobby Worrest, Quartersnacks
    Brad Cromer,Outliers
    Chris Joslin, True
    Jake Johnson, Static 4
    Grant Taylor, Rides For Antihero

  • 2015
    Hjalte Halberg, Transworld
    Antonio Durao, Transworld Am Spotlight
    Nisse Ingemarsson, The Sour Solution
    Cory Kennedy, The SB Chronicles Vol. 3
    Tom Knox, Vase
    Tiago Lemos, De La Calle/Da Rua
    Carlos Ribiero, 1947
    Mark Suciu, Civil Liberty
    Anthony Van Engelen, Propeller

  • 2016
    Andrew Allen, Hockey II
    Silas Baxter-Neal, Away Days
    Dane Brady, I Like It Here Inside My Mind…
    Dennis Busenitz, Away Days
    Jon Dickson, Made 2
    Tristan Funkhouser, Substance
    Hjalte Halberg, I Like It Here Inside My Mind…
    Jerry Hsu, Made 2
    Austyn Gillette, For WKND
    Jon Nguyen, Substance
    Miles Silvas, Away Days
    Grant Taylor/ Collin ProvostHoly Stokes
    Kyle Walker, No Other Way
    Bobby Worrest/ Hjalte HalbergLooks OK To Me

  • 2017
    Mike Anderson, LSD
    Cyrus Bennett, 917
    Bobby DeKeyzer, Riddles In Mathematics
    Jamie Foy, The Flat Earth
    Riley Hawk, The Flare
    PJ Ladd, Tricolor
    Tiago Lemos, The DC Promo
    Louie Lopez, West End
    Shane O’Neill, Levels
    Max Palmer, 917
    Cole Wilson, Oddity
    Bobby Worrest, LSD

  • 2018
    Gilbert Crockett, Mother
    Bobby DeKeyzer, Purple
    Chima Ferguson, Spinning Away
    Corey Glick, Souvenir
    Aaron Herrington, Purple
    Nyjah Huston, ’Til Death
    Tyshawn Jones, Blessed
    Louie Lopez, Purple
    Oski Rozenberg, We Blew It At Some Point
    Mason Silva, Peace
    Evan Smith, Peace
    Franky Villani, Always on my Mind
    Ishod Wair, Back On My BS
    Brandon Westgate, Peace

  • 2019
    Sammy Baca, Baker4
    Axel Cruysberghs, Programming Injection
    Simon Isaksson, The Sour Solution II
    Alex Midler, You Good?
    Jack O’Grady, Kitsch
    Milton Martinez,”¡DEMOLICIÓN!”
    Josh Pall, Kitsch
    Mark Suciu, Verso
    Gabriel SummersDamn It All
    Kader Sylla,Candyland
    Bobby Worrest, Welcome to Venture
    AJ Zavala, Radio Silence

Jaime Owens
Top 5 Videos Of The Decade: 2010-2019

  • Transworld Skateboarding, The Cinematographer Project, 2012
    We’re not bias on this one. It’s just a fact. The Alien Workshop section alone could hold the weight of this one, but there’s 12 other parts that showcase the variety not seen in another video this decade.
  • Supreme, “cherry”, 2014
    Bill Strobeck gave you a peak into his world in The Cinematographer Project, but in this one, he changed the game. Introducing the world to Tyshawn Jones and capturing the pure power and style of Dylan Rieder (R.I.P) in his prime. People either loved it or hated it, but Bill solidified his vision of how he saw skateboarding and created a generation of imitators and biters that proved that he did something very influential and unique that defined the decade.
  • Josh Stewart, Static 4 & 5, 2014
    Talk about passion for video making. Josh Stewart’s dedication to filming for over 20 plus years and showcasing the underground heroes that the world needed to see was capped off in his Static series with a surprise double feature; dropping two full-lengths at once. Once again; spots, soundtrack, skaters, editing, all hit the perfect note with this one. And that Jake Johnson part. Yew!
  • Polar, I Like It Here Inside My Mind Don’t Wake Me This Time, 2016
    The first full-length from Polar hit the mark right on the head for me. The art direction, the skating, the editing, the soundtrack, and the spots. But maybe it was the ode to my generation’s youth by using The Cry songs from Hokus Pokus that sealed the deal. Magnifique.
  • GX1000, 2016
    The definition of a raw skate video. Terrifying and exhilarating all in one to watch. It brought the smoke into the 2010s.


Jaime Owens
Top 5 Video Parts Of The Decade: 2010-2019

  • Dylan Rieder, Dylan, 2010
    It wasn’t Osiris’ Subject to Change where I started paying attention to Dylan. It was his Quiksilver promo part that really caught my eye and I knew something special was brewing. Then his Mind Field part came out and was so-so, and even Dylan acknowledged this fact. Which sent him on a quest to really show how he skated, and with one solo video part, Dylan left his mark on skateboarding. Thank you Dylan. We love you. R.I.P.
  • Nick Boserio, Life Splicing No. 004, 2011
    A two-minute part that introduced me to Nick Boserio’s style of skating and I instantly fell in love and I just wanted more. Nick’s one of my favorite skater’s on and off the board and I always go back to this video to get pumped up to skate.
  • Marc Johnson, Pretty Sweet, 2012
    The man only puts out quality. And like a fine wine, only got better with age. Being around 35 years old and putting out this part full of style and technical wizardry accompanied by the David Bowie tune “Five Years” made it an instant classic for me.
  • Grant Taylor, Rides For Antihero, 2014
    Everyone wants to skate like Grant Taylor and every part he puts out makes you want to skate. He got in the van and was introduced to the team skating to Siouxsie and The Banshees, “Icon.” Just perfect.
  • Dane Brady, I Like It Here Inside My Mind. Don’t Wake Me This Time, 2016
    Skateboarding needs more weirdos. Too many skaters want to be out there and to “make it.” Dane is a good ole fashion skate rat that’s in the parking garage skating curbs in the middle of the night by himself. He doesn’t want the spotlight. And that vibe was captured in this video part which was only made that much better by using H-Street soundtrack alum The Cry’s “Alone.” Nailed it!


Blair Alley
Top 5 Videos of the Decade: 2010-2019

  • Isle, Vase, 2015
    Easily best video of its year. Dan Magee’s Blueprint videos were always huge to me and Jacob Harris carried along the tradition wonderfully with this one. The music, editing, spots, and new faces like Tom Knox and Chris Jones blew me away.
  • Sour, Sour Solution II, 2019
    I knew these guys would make magic. They’re the raddest guys to tour with and some of the most talented and creative skaters on the planet.
  • Supreme, cherry, 2014
    Captured some of the most talented skaters of this generation in their infancy and at their peak. Dylan’s part alone makes this video a classic.
  • Polar, We Blew it at Some Point, 2018
    No video got me more stoked to go skate with my friends than this one. You can tell these dudes go off and really push each other to get gnarly when they’re skating together.
  • Ben Chadourne, Looks OK To Me, 2016
    Two dudes skating the world’s best plazas. The Pulaski section was icing on the cake. It helps that Bobby Worrest is skater of the decade, too.


Blair Alley
Top 5 Video Parts of the Decade: 2010-2019

  • Dylan and Alex, “cherry”, 2014
    Dylan at the peak of his ability paired to the perfect song. I’ll be watching this part forever.
  • Marc Johnson, Pretty Sweet, 2012
    A perfect part with a Bowie song I’ve always wanted to see in a skate video.
  • Alien Workshop Section, The Cinematographer Project, 2012
    Watch this again with all the lights off and the music up really loud. Classic AWS.
  • Bobby Worrest, LSD, 2017
    Hard to pick which Bobby part is the best—he’s had 10 in the last 10 years. This one is great.
  • Cyrus Bennett, 917 Video 2, 2019
    Cyrus really is the best living skateboarder.


Mike Fitzgerald
Top 5 Videos of the Decade: 2010-2019

  • Adidas, Away Days 
    The beauty of adding a lengthy full length offering to your collection is that you get the most bang for your buck.  Away Days is packed from beginning to end with incredible skating and the winning combination of a stacked team and a seemingly endless travel schedule.  The rewatchabilty of Lucas Puig, Miles Silvas, Rodrigo TX, Tyshawn Jones, Silas Baxter-Neal and Dennis Busneitz woven together with clips and voice overs by Mark Gonzales make Away Days one of the best of the Decade.
  • Krooked, LSD
    Get it Straight, watch Krooked.  This video rules from start to finish.  Great music, a diverse team, and just the right running time to get you hyped to grab your board.  Bobby Worrest’s part combining his HD and VX footage in the best possible presentation, along with Ronnie Sandoval and Mike Anderson are the stand out parts in parts in my eyes.
  • TransWorld Skateboarding, The Cinematographer Project
    Long and strong with a diverse range or skaters and filming/editing styles from the “Who’s Who” in skateboard film making. Torsten Frank sets the tone with the elegant first part, Bill Strobeck launched what is now his signature approach, and gave viewers a glimpse into what was to follow with the Supreme Team through his lens, Jon Holland and SK8MAFIA are always a winning combination for me, Russell Houghten is a creative genius and his section shined, but by the time you get to the Alien Workshop finale, from the first clip to the last, it’s so heavy on your eyes and ears you’re damn near having an out of body experience. This Alien Workshop section is so serious it can stand alone as one of the best parts of the decade with the sheer power and strength of their untouchable team at that time. They put their all into this project, and adding the debut professional nods for Gilbert Crockett and Jake Johnson, The Workshop left scorched earth in their wake.
  • Polar, We Blew It At Some Point 
    The right combination of filming and editing with a tasteful cast.  Polar has the right recipe of riders, spots, music, innovation, nostalgia and pure stoke all tightly curated into a 34:03 runtime. The whole team is world class but I constantly have Nick Boserio, Aaron Herrington, Andrew Wilson, Shin Sanbongi and Hjalte Halberg’s parts on repeat.  Hat’s off, and I’m always anticipating the next project from Polar.
  • Sour, Sour Solution II
    Sour is a collective of people with a sense of humor who genuinely respect each other, and they just happen to be damn fine skateboarders.  These guys just get it.   The feeling of camaraderie the Sour Team has fostered from their apartments, office-and The Sour Store itself- are all testaments to that.  It’s all hands on deck and everyone contributes.  The result stemming from that laid-back vibe of low maintenance, creative talent is one of the best videos ever.  Sour Solution II almost feels like a homie vid where your best mate is filming, editingand skating! Gustav Tonnesen really worked his magic in all three of those scenarios (big nod to Nisse Ingemarsson as well on amazing filming and skating dual roles).  This team is tight, their approach is fresh, the spots are zany, the skating is top tier.  To top if all off, Simon Isaksson pushed into a street loop.  I can’t say enough good things, Sour is an exemplary brand and Sour Solution II always does the trick.           
Mike Fitzgerald
Top 5 Video Parts of the Decade: 2010-2019
  • Anthony Van Engelen, Vans Propeller
    Such a highly anticipated video and career defining part, and the man did not disappoint. AVE had the closer of Vans’ Propeller and left it all on the (switch back nose blunted!) table. One of my favorite styles of the past 20 years and his skating seems to only get more powerful and pronounced with age.
  • Andrew Reynolds, Emerica Stay Gold
    An inspiration to us all! Not many skater’s film their best and most impactful video parts in their 30’s and Reynolds did just that in Stay Gold. He had the flavorful mix of lines, hammers, and lines with hammers! This part is so perfectly put together and is timeless, just like the Boss himself!
  • Wes Kremer, Not Another TransWorld Video
    The pride of San Diego’s SK8MAFIA, Wes Kremer has always bridged the gap of Hometown Legend and Internationally celebrated, “Best Dude Ever”! His humility, effortless style and genuine talent make it easy to say Yes on Wes. He battled some injuries for this part and had a few buzzer beater tricks come through in the 11th hour, but as always, he delivered. The rapper, A.D.O.R. who did the track “Let It All Hang Out” that Wes used even saw the part and called TWS and left us a voice mail saying how hyped he was on Wes’ section. That’s about as G as it gets!
  • Ishod Wair, The NikeSB Chronicles Vol. 2
    ATV Diversity, trick selection, spot selection, a high energy track, this part has it all. I was at the World Premiere for Chronicles 2 and Ishod absolutely brought the house down! Ishod is the embodiment of everything awesome about skateboarding and he does it all with a smile. I still watch this part all the time and trip out on the lines he puts together. Ishod really shined in Chronicles 2 and hasn’t slowed down one bit since.
  • Bobby Worrest & Hjalte Halberg, Looks OK To Me
    A one, two combo for the books! Bobby and Hijalte hit plazas all over the world and returned with some of the most technical ledge lines and always maintained a tight, homie vibe throughout this heavy part. Big Up Ben Chadourne on the filming and editing of this beauty. Once they arrive at DC and hit Pulaski with the Resse Forbes cameo and Talking Heads track, this edit has really out done itself. My favorite section to pop on and get hyped, Looks Superb to me!


TWS TOP 20 of the Decade 2010-2019:
As we head into 2020, we put together a list of the Top 20 Skaters of the past decade that we think made a huge impact on skateboarding itself or steadily crushed it for ten years straight. Can’t wait to see what new blood the next decade brings.

  • Justin Figueroa
    Nyjah Huston
    Jake Johnson
    Tyshawn Jones
    Wes Kremer
    Tiago Lemos
    Louie Lopez
    Guy Mariano
    Andrew Reynolds
    Dylan Rieder
    Alexis Sablone
    Evan Smith
    Daewon Song

    Mark Suciu
    Grant Taylor
    Anthony Van Engelen
    Nora Vasconcellos
    Ishod Wair
    Bobby Worrest

Thank you for supporting Transworld over the years and here’s to another decade of amazing skateboarding. See you in 2020.


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