New from Red Bull Skateboarding and Brian Lotti. Check the full story and photos. An epic cruise through Bilbao, Spain.

Philipp Schuster joined from Vienna with creative vision and a totally positive mindset. Philipp was fun to watch skate and he made great things happen.

Axel Cruysberghs arrived from Belgium energised and had a really good time skating every day, no matter where we ended up. Axel likes Bilbao and all the local foods like pintxos and tapas and shredded with a true Basque spirit.

Emmanuel Guzman joined from Santa Cruz, California and promptly skated down pretty much every hill in and around Bilbao city. We couldn't keep up with him in the car or with the cameras. He charged and entertained the locals with his skating in the city centre.

Cooper Wilt flew in from San Pedro, California and bombed hills with a total calm and tranquility. Cooper has a great style and makes skateboarding look really fun!

Lem Villemin arrived from Stuttgart, Germany and repeatedly pulled amazing lines and tricks out of thin air. Often very quickly and when it was least expected, Lem caught and landed tricks with a supernatural ease.