Dew Tour Team Challenge – Welcome Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz will be one of the nine teams participating in the TransWorld SKATEboarding Team Challenge at Dew Tour 2017, coming June 15-18! They'll be joined by eight additional teams who we'll be rolling out this week.

Following suit from last year's Team Challenge, each brand has been tasked with selecting one team rider to skate one of the four sections of the course; tech, rails, gaps, and transition. When Dew Tour arrives at Long Beach, California June 15-18, 2017, the nine teams will battle in a fast-paced jam session designed to crown the most well rounded all terrain teams.

Santa Cruz’s Team Challenge picks are: Tom Asta, Erick Winkowski, Blake Johnson, and Dylan Williams.

Hit for full details on this heavy weekend and stay tuned right here as we roll out the rest of the brands who will be participating this year!

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