DPY 3, De Paris Of London Aus Berlin

DPY editions presents – 3 – a new video production arriving with the De Paris – Of London and Aus Berlin 2015 Yearbooks.
Paris Section edited by Guillaume Périmony, Berlin section edited by Marck Nickels, London section edited by Austin Bristow

Featuring: Remy Taveira, Kevin Rodriguez, Roman Gonzales, Tom Knox, Jake Collins, Jarne Verbrugen, Didrik Gallasso, Joseph Biais, Vincent Coupeau, Denny Pham, Dennis Busenitz, Kyron Davis and more.

And Solo Parts from: Marc-Alexandre Barbier x Maceo Moreau, Michael Mackrodt, Yoshi Tannenbaum & Harry Lintell

YearBooks pre-orders: deparis.bigcartel.com