duets, a film by Joe “Joeface” Monteleone and James Buchmann

duets, TWS video #30 is our first official release comprised entirely of shared parts. Since the dawn of the TWS video via Uno in 1996 (famously containing the Penny/Rowley shared part)—videos like Feedback (AVE/Dill, BA/Staba, etc…), 6th Sense (Kalis/Stevie), or Subtleties (Biebel/Wenning) have certainly contained marquis doubleteams—but duets is the first video in our vault where no man or woman stands alone.

Starring: Tiago Lemos and Carlos Ribeiro; Zack Wallin and Vincent Alvarez; Ronnie Sandoval and Robbie Russo; Miles Silvas and Miika Adamov; Franky Villani and Jake Hayes

*Available on iTunes November 20th and in skate shops worldwide early November.