Far’n High Qualifiers

Today was the second day of the Far'N'High event in Paris, France with the qualification heats for all riders including the top 20 from yesterday's pre-qualification. 70 riders were competing in 7 heats to select the top 21 riders for tomorrow's semifinals. The level of skateboarding was really good again on the new Far'N'High skatepark.

In order of appearance: Maxim Kruglov (RUS), Martin Pek (CZH), Rob Maatman, (NL), Egor Kaldikov (RUS), Pombe Duarte ( POR), Joseph, Garbaccio (FRA), Kilian Zhender (SWI), Tim Zom (NL), Diego Fiorese (BRA), Gregary Lauferweiler (FRA), Bruno Senra (POR), Danny Leon ( SPN), Maxim Genin (FRA), Adrien Bulard (FRA), Greg Lutzka (USA), Phil Szisjen (BEL), Ryo Sejiri (JPN), Vincent Milou (FRA), Neverton Casella (BRA), Richard Tury (SLK), Braulion Sagas (CHL)

Check out the standings for the semifinals.
Far’N High pre-qualifiers