On August 29th, 2016, @KyleWesterSkate set out to break the Guinness Fastest Skateboard Speed Downhill record. The previous record was held at 81.17mph/130.63 kph. With the hill conditions just right, Kyle switched out his wheels one last time before making history.
Kyle Wester was able to smash the current record reaching a speed of 89.41 mph/143.89 kph.
Kyle uses #SantaCruzSkateboards @RoadRider1973 @BronsonSpeedCo Bearings and @MOBGrip

Santa Cruz: Congrats on beating the world record! 89.41mph is crazy speed to go on a skateboard. What is going through your mind when you are going that fast?
Kyle Wester: Thank you! Dream come true! Once I drop in all my anxieties fade away I become relaxed and focus on keeping my body as still as possible and keeping my tuck tight. You must have complete confidence in your equipment, catastrophic failure is not an option.

SC: How do you do prepare for something like this both mentally?
KW: Mentally, I have conditioned myself over many years of skating at high speeds to remain calm and take challenges that can be thrown my way.

SC: What is it that drives you to attempt something like this?
KW: To be the fastest in the world.

SC: Do you think you'll keep pushing the limits and try to break your own record in the future?
KW: Absolutely! This is just the beginning.

SC: Any special thanks?
KW: I would like to thank my family and friends and sponsors for the continued support! My wife Marie Wester, Mom, Dad, Nana, Papa, Connor Welles, Rob McKendry III, Jon Morgan, The whole NHS team, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Bronson Bearing, Mob Grip, Road Rider Wheels.