Fun While It Lasted is an independent video by Tom Bender that features Sebo Walker, Willis Kimbel, Miles Grube, Dane Brady, Mark Gutterman, Brian Baca, Elliot Murphy, Andrew Gray, Jayme Fortune, and more. Debuting on August 15, 2014, Fun While It Lasted is now exclusively live after its one year birth. 30 minutes of skateboarding in Portland, LA, SF, and NYC. Filmed on a DVX100 and VX1000.

Andrew Gray/Montage #1: 0:33
Elliot Murphy: 3:51
Willis Kimbel: 5:11
Brian Baca: 9:28
Mark Gutterman: 12:14
Dane Brady/Montage #2: 14:46
Sebo Walker: 20:38
Montage #3: 25:40
Miles Grube: 29:22
Credits: 31:34

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Reel Talk: Tom Bender

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