Leave the gimbals at home and come cruise the streets of Greece with the entire GoPro skate team featuring Sean Malto, Curren Caples, Alex Sorgente, Andrew Brophy, Leticia Bufoni, Madars Apse, Sewa Kroetkov and Chris Cole as they immerse themselves in the culture and everything Greece has to offer and experiment with #hypersmooth on the new #HERO7 Black.

Shot 100% on GoPro, this edit features the entire GoPro skate team and documents their recent trip to Greece. With a squad like this the possibilities are endless and in a place as picturesque as Greece, so are the opportunities to capture! Keep in mind that the new GoPro HERO7 is waterproof, and say goodbye forever to shaky video because it also has a built in HyperSmooth video feature which is basically a gimbal—without a gimbal! The entire GoPro team put the HERO7 to the test on this trip, but all you have to do is watch the edit to see just how smooth and easy filming with the HERO7 is.

*Learn more about the HERO7 and all of its capabilities right here. And check below for some photos from the trip!

Leticia Bufoni has a solid bag of tricks and pulled out a Benihana amongst many others on this A-frame.

Brophy was happy to be along for the ride. Front Blunt.

“Athens and Mykonos were an absolute blast and the first time the whole GoPro skate family had come together for such an adventure! Next time I promise to not hurt my ankle! Let's GoPro on the dance floor!” —Andrew Brophy

You don’t need any water housing with the GoPro HERO7. Yep, it’s completely waterproof! Just dive in and start capturing. Madars demonstrates perfectly.

Chris Ray and his HERO7 Black.

“We've traveled the world multiple times, but GoPro trips are always different than your typical skate tours. It was amazing to not only skate Greece, but to explore the beautiful culture.” —Chris Ray

Curren Caples is no stranger to traveling and wouldn’t miss out on a trip like this. Kickflip, for arts sake.

Leticia Bufoni, tailslide.

Double switch crooks with Chris Cole and Sean Malto.

“Seeing all the history in Athens and the beautiful beaches in Mykonos with the whole GoPro skate team was such an incredible experience! Getting to relive those moments through the photos and videos of the GoPro HERO7 will make me smile forever!” —Sean Malto

Chris Cole, Sean Malto and Curren Caples.

“This was the most fun and easy-going trip I've been on in a while.” —Curren Caples

Yahama Ollie from the Cobra.

All smiles with Leticia. Takes some strong arms to do handstands like this!

Like mentioned before, water is no worry with the new GoPro HERO7. Madars, Ollie.

Second angle of Madars’ Ollie.

Perfect photo ops for group shots all over.

“The trip to Greece was one I'll never forget, great times with great people. Highlight for sure was Mykonos!” —Alex Sorgente

Madars Apse, wallie.

“We had such a fun tour in Greece, from Athens to Mykonos, from the streets to the waters. Skating on the same marble where Socrates once walked.. Some of the smoothest spots can be found there, I am glad we got to capture these moments with GoPro! Thank You!” —Madars Apse

Leticia color coordinates here GoPro, griptape, hat… and fingernails. Boom!

Alex Sorgente with an ode to The Muska. Backside five-0.

Nothing but good times and great views with the GoPro squad in Greece! Watch the video and get your own HERO7 via the link below!

Learn more about the the GoPro HERO7 and it’s #HyperSmooth filming here!