Halloween In The TWS Park 2014

Another spooky session took over in our park this Halloween. TWS staff and friends took part in the fun—P-Rod’s doppelganger, a local North County longboarder, a ninja turtle with a large pizza, and many more. Happy Halloween everyone!


Mike Fitz and Keegan Callahan doubles
Jordan Hoffart nose pick
Keegan Callahan double set
Austin Squire wallride
Cameron Holland 5-0 fakie
Joe Pease backside nosegrind
Joe pease and Keegan Callahan doubles
Jordan Hoffart 5-0
Jordan Hoffart frontside flip
Jordan Hoffart kickflip crook
Jordan Hoffart smith 2
Jordan Hoffart varial heel
Keegan Callahan hippy jump
Keegan Callahan riding the wave
Logan Taylor 180 5-0
Logan Taylor fakie front crook
Logan Taylor front heel
Logan Taylor heelflip
Austin Squire front feeble
Austin Squire ollie in
Austin Squire kickflip
Logan Taylor switch crook
Luke Callahan switch back 5-0
Jamie Owens wallie blunt
Luke Callahan switch flip
Luke Callahan switch tailslide
Mike Fitz hurricane

Ghosts of Halloweens past:
Halloween 2013 session
Halloween 2012 session

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