On March 24, Rhodes Skate Park in Boise, Idaho hosted an event called "Skatefort." The Vagrant and Blood Wizard teams were summoned by Bryce Kanights and The Boise Skate Association to come up and skate, put on a demo and enjoy the live music. TWS filmer, Collin Schwartz, and freelance photographer, Tadashi Yamaoda, rode with the Vagrant team: Elijah Akerley, Brendan Villanueva and their newest team member, Archer Braun. Here's what happened in the 1,280 miles between San Francisco, Boise and back.

Deep in the hills of Reno there is a magical place called "The Orchard." Unfortunately it had some water in it but after Elijah's motivational speech the Vagrant crew bucketed it out.

A little bit of water isn't gonna stop Elijah from ripping.

Positive vibes and big ol’ frontside airs is what Brendon Villanueva is all about.

Styles for miles. Elijah, hurricane.

Rhodes park is pretty amazing.

Nolan Miskell with a muy caliente crailslide!

Anakin Senn is no stranger to skating parks under bridges. Nosepick on the top rope!

New Vagrant rider Archer Braun comes correct with this smooth frontside ollie.

Brendon Villanueva is a man on the rise…and he's into some real g-shit. Backside lipslide.

Portland's Mikey Carpenter lays down a melon to disaster.

Boise's own Dalton Beeson jumped up in the mix. He probably rips Rhodes park harder than anyone else. 540 over the corner hip!

If you come to Boise your gonna want to link up with these local legends: Dalton Beeson and Blake Bolton.

Elijah Akerley pulled out the rarely seen Christ Grind over the love seat.

Jerry Gurney is an animated and eloquent announcer. His silver tongue also lands him gigs at weddings, high school graduations and crucifixions.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Anakin Senn, stalefish.

Mikey gets jiggy with a tailpress. He's always down to get jiggy, just ask him!

Special thanks to: The Boise Skate Association, Blood Wizard, Blake Bolton, Josh davis, Bryce Kanights and Mike Fierro.

Video: @collinhpx

Photo: @tadashiphoto