Last Of The Mohicans Official Teaser

”In June 2008, a new video from Joe Perrin (Dango, The Good Life, High Grade Blend) and co-producer Josh Dowd will hit stores. Last Of The Mohicans is the culmination of three years hard work drinking, I mean traveling the U.S. and abroad, skating with friends, and making new ones along the way.

The video will feature 80’s Joe Staley, Josh Dowd, James Frankhouse, Jon Newport, Fred Gall, Ed Selego, Steve Durante, Joel Meinholz, Jimmy Lannon, Alex Davis, Dave Caddo, Danny Renaud, Ross Norman, Forrest Kirby, Tony Manfre, Jack Sabback and many, many more. This eclectic group of skateboarders serves as a strong backbone to this personality driven video.

The video will serve as a cross section of what we believe skateboarding is in its purest form.”–Nick Matlin