‘InTransit’ Demarquis McDaniels Full Part

The opening trick in Demarquis McDaniels’ InTransit part is enough to have you shut down your electronics and go skate immediately. Resist the temptation though, there are plenty more gems in there. Give this clip a few plays, go learn alley-oop backside flips up curbs, and then treat yourself to the whole video when you’re done.

Check out additional parts from other Bones Wheels riders in InTransit linked below.

VIDEO / DARIEN BROWN (@darienthybarbarian)
Demarquis McDaniels, backside five-0.
PHOTO / DEREC PATRICK (@dpatrickphoto)

InTransit parts from other Bones Wheels riders:

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To see parts from Kyle Walker, Ben Fisher, Dominick Walker, Victor Mendoza, Tommy Werner, Tislam Smith, Matt Militano, Jeff Carlyle and more, GET THE DVD FOR $12.

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