Is Xbox 360 A “10?

Microsoft released its latest offering to the gaming world, but if your name isn’t already on a reserve list, you’ll have to wait ’til February (or later) to get your hands on one. The 360 comes in two versions: The core system and the pimped-out system. Think of the core version as a stock car: no radio, no air-conditioning, no leather seats, and no extra cup holder. The pimped version has all the bells and whistles included. For an extra hundred bucks, the pimp system gets you a hard drive, an Xbox Live headset, a component HD A/V cable, and an ethernet cable. If you expect to play your old games or go online with Xbox Live Gold, you’ll need the hard drive. The Xbox 360 is also high-definition ready and has the processing power of three 3.2-GHz processors. If you don’t know much about computers, that means it’s blazing fast. Hopefully you’ll catch up with one someday.—Eric Sentianin