JASON DILL: Guest Reviewer Of The Month

Trans Am
Sex Change
Thrill Jockey
** (two stars outta five)

First thing… the name of the record: Sex Change. I love this name, but that’s just one letter away from Beck Hansen’s album Sea Change that came out in 2003 I think, which is just so heartbreaking and incredible. I know Beck is a Scientologist and all, but that album just f—ks me up.My replacement name for the Trans Am record Sex Change is Transvestight. I mean, c’mon dudes from Trans Am, none of you ever thought of that? Well, it is a pretty hard sell, but yeah, if that was the name of your album, I could have written this review without listening to a single song. Five stars, done. But I have listened and, ummm, it’s an instrumental record mostly. Cool… I like the direction you’re taking. It’s ballsy.

It’s just… Yeah, I’m now on my second listen, and I ain’t into it right at this moment. I ain’t Iggy Pop either, but Iggy Pop once said, “What the hell record is this? The person responded, “Oh, it’s that new band The Velvet Underground. Iggy responded with, “Well, turn it off, I f—kin’ hate it. Three weeks later, Iggy bought that Velvet Underground album.—Jason Dill