Anthony Anaya in Jean-Luc Vida’s Absolute Value

Jean-Luc Vida is a filmmaker out of Florida you ought to know about. He was responsible for our latest World View coming out of Tampa, and has just released his next full-length video, Absolute Value (just uploaded today!). We’ve got a sneak peek of Anthony Anaya’s ender part right here. Read up on Jean-Luc’s take on skating, filming, and the difference between the two coasts. We’ve also embedded Cory Foster’s wild part from Inequality which came out back in 2016.

Photo Credit: Paco Maldonado
Anthony Anaya, front feeble. Atascadero, CA.

Interview by James Buchmann

Can you give me some background info on the Florida World View?
This was pretty much an accumulation of clips I filmed while visiting Florida since I moved to California during filming for Absolute Value. I had to get the FL homies into my first California-based video, hyped on every clip we got!

Was most of this filmed in Tampa? Do you guys travel to skate other cities in Florida?
Yeah. The majority of this was filmed in Tampa. We usually stay with a friend in Clearwater when we visit and there’s some cool stuff there, but Tampa has the spots. Sometimes we’ll stop in Tallahassee on the drive from the west coast and I went to Miami once or twice while filming for the vid but I haven’t been out there in a while. Miami is my favorite place in Florida, I never get out there enough!

Do you think Tampa is over rated or underrated for skating? Have you seen the skate scene change over time?
Growing up where I did in a small beach town, there was a fair share of skaters, but Tampa was where the big dawgs were at. Everyone was so good when I was a kid! I remember being scared to go to SPoT ’cause everyone skated fast as fuck and if you got in their way they’d be the biggest asshole to you [laughs]! Tampa always had the biggest skate scene in my area and definitely a lot of spots. Downtown Tampa is a treat in itself if you pick the right times to skate around. From my perspective ,Tampa was underrated but from an outsider’s perspective, it could be seen as overrated. Tampa is pretty small and a lot of the spots are crusty.
The skate scene has definitely changed a lot over the years. I was fortunate to grow up skating at the time when I did because I saw the older guys either move away and try to do the damn thing, or just stay put, and hold it down. The scene in Tampa is always changing. People either move to NYC or California, or for the ones that stay, they either get jobs, get girlfriends, have kids, buy a house, or just get into new things, all that can get in the way of skating, ya know? With all the new skateparks being built over there I see a lot of young kids progressing fast and it’s sick! I’m blessed to have skated and filmed with the people I did growing up ’cause not many of them still skate like we used to when we were kids.


Absolute Value Trailer

You live in LA now, do you look forward to going skating when you’re back home?
Yeah I’ve been living out here for a little over three years now. I get to visit home twice a year and I almost always choose to drive ’cause there’s a lot to experience on the way to Florida that you miss out on when you fly straight there. I look forward to the road trips every year, Florida is always a blast and everyone’s so happy for the few days that I’m there for, I love it! If it isn’t raining and we get to skate, it’s always tough to figure out where to go ’cause we know we only have a limited amount of time to skate and there’re a lot of spots we could go to. It’s rad to go back to old spots with new homies and see how much skateboarding has progressed.

How did you meet most of these guys?
Pretty much I met a lot of these guys from working at Skatepark of Tampa. Alejandro, Glancy and Wes Box I met when I started filming there and through that, eventually I met Tony (Anthony Anaya) at a Damn Am. He actually rolled his ankle when I asked him to film a trick for my edit and through that, we became good homies, somehow [laughs]. He stayed with me in Florida a few times after that for Tampa Ams and I can’t remember if he said he wanted to move to SoCal from his hometown or if I said I was trying to move to California but the conversation came up, and we ended up becoming roommates. I didn’t know many people well in California when I first moved so a lot of the people I met was through Tony. Gus and the rest of Phat Pile, some of the best and worst dudes I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting [laughs].

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