Before public skate parks, muti-million dollar skate events and skate moms, skateboarding thrived solely on the energy of those who owned a board. A crew of skaters in New Jersey were fed up with getting kicked out of their DIY skate spots, so they took it upon themselves to construct an indoor mecca of miniramps. The result was Jersey City's Ramp 660, a place that would establish itself as an iconic safe-haven for skaters all around. Made possible by Red Bull Skateboarding. Read the full story.

Chris Loza_Sw Crook Tail

Chris Loza, switch crooked grind tail grab.

Josh Ettinger_Swords

Josh Ettinger.

Josh_Half Cab_01

Josh, half Cab.

Lifestyle_ (1 of 4) Lifestyle_ (3 of 4) Ryan Schmalz_Crail FS Grind

Ryan Schmalz, crail grab five-0.

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