Jhony Melhado, Making It Happen Part

Jhony Melhado lives in São Paulo, Brazil. He filmed his part for Making It Happen in only twelve days while he was in New York. His last part was in the Blaze Supply video Ceremony.
Every summer, Ricardo Napoli takes photos of skaters who come to New York from different places, sometimes he would film them as well. Two years ago, he shared the idea of putting together a video that's about this experience with Bradley Cushing, who became the first person to collaborate with him on this project, with many others along the way, such as Colin Read.
The skaters in the video were mostly in New York for a short period of time, so their footage was filmed with only one to four weeks of time.
“The video is somewhat in the style of a 90s skateboard video, and I wanted to keep the video simple. It's about showcasing the different style and flavor of each skater, and hopefully make people want to get out there and skate New York.”

Jhony Melhado, hardflip.

Jhony Melhado, backside nosegrind 180 out.

Carlo Carezanno’s part