John Cardiel and Andy Kuno at the Yard in San Francisco

Andy Kuno’s parents owned a black and white lab for several decades that developed much of what was shot for the San Francisco Giants, 49ers and Oakland A’s.

Andy’s interest gravitated more towards skateboarding and snowboarding in his teenage years and if it wasn’t for his Dad repeatedly reminding him about the opportunity that lay right in front of him, he might not have ever picked up a camera to start shooting. And who could have known that 11 years into his career as the team photographer for the San Francisco Giants, that he’d be shooting three World Series Championships in less than five years.

Andy’s love of skateboarding hasn’t diminished, in fact it’s how he gets to the yard everyday thanks to Deluxe and Skate Mental keeping him in no short supply of boards. On one particular day this past May, Dan Wolfe followed Andy on his commute, stopping by the Chrome Industries store to meed up with John Cardiel to bring some custom made bags to Matt Duffy and Hunter Pence. Scored by Tommy Guerrero and BLKTOP Project.