Jon Holland has had a hand in every TWS video since the OG Cinematographer (’97). With a total of 27 Landmark videos released since Uno (’96), Jon undertakes the difficult task of picking his 10 favorite parts ever.

Words by Jon Holland

1. John Cardiel Sight Unseen
This part is timeless. Having Gabe Morford interview Gonz for the voice-over really set the vibe. Greg Hunt and I actually went to a Sizzla show to meet his manager so we could get the music rights to "Haunted And Nervous." John destroyed it—from blasting on tranny to maybe one of the ballsiest handrail grinds of all time. He's always been my favorite.

2. Heath Kirchart Sight Unseen
Heath is an enigma. There's no one like him. From the song "Knights In White Satin" to the mind-blowing gnarliness that is Heath on a board. Late-night sessions at UCI at three or four a.m. and early morning sessions at Oceanside High at seven or eight a.m. He's the real deal. Best style ever.

3. Chad Muska Feedback
This was Muska in his prime. Ty Evans and Chad worked so easily together. "The Day" in Arizona was simply epic—some of the most exciting skating to witness firsthand. Chad just exudes positivity; he is the hype. And of course he skated to Muska Beats, which he cut to an originally song-less edit. Best all-time TWS intro.

4. Mike Carroll Modus Operandi
This was Ty Evans' last video before moving over to Girl, and by watching this part you can easily see why Girl wanted him. Carroll's line at the library in SF is perfection between a skater and a filmer—hands down my favorite TWS line of all time. Scott Johnston's 180 switch crook was so buttery. The Kurupt track was so on point too.

5. Dan Drehobl Free Your Mind
"Time Of The Season" was the most expensive song ever paid out by TWS. Jason Hernandez worked closely with Dan and shot a lot of 16mm film to give this part such a warm feeling while still keeping an edge. Corpsy left a lasting impression on the Ripon park and everything in between.

6. Matt Mumford The Reason
All black and white annihilation to the sounds of Fugazi. This was a true slice of raw skateboarding at its finest. I'll never forget the 50-50 and Smith grind at El Toro. First go he 50'd it. Second go he 50'd it, and third go he Smith grinded it. We were there for maybe 20 minutes.

7. Kyle Leeper Subtleties
No one really knew who Kyle was until this part dropped. He put 100-percent effort and passion into this part. A pure street surfer with an original bag of tricks and true friend of mine. Cab flip back noseblunt still hasn't been documented to this day. Recognize.

8. Omar Salazar First Love
High-energy part just like Omar's personality. The ZZ Top song "Just Got Paid" couldn't have been more fitting. The drop-in at the Encinitas library was ridiculous, but maybe even more ridiculous is that he did it multiple times. I think he was just having fun. Whoo!

9. David Gravette And Now
The Consortium song just blew the doors down. Gravette was on a tear this whole project. From insane pole-jam Natas spins to a burly 50-50 body varial down a rail, he crushed it and hasn't slowed down since. He's got backflips now? Sparta!

10. Tony Trujillo In Bloom
Tony was just fun to work with—some good times in Australia with the Vans team and some memorable sessions with legendary skaters. Just filming the session at the Dodger bowl with Tony and Salba was priceless. Getting Mötley Crüe to clear and having Cardiel with the opening words put it over the top.