To film this video part, June Saito had to juggle college life at San Diego State University to get a couple steps closer to being an elementary school teacher. He’s also a Percussion Caption Head for Mira Mesa and University City High Schools, on top of all that, he clocks in some work time at a coffee shop. In his spare time he enjoys making trick-shots with red cups and other random objects. Just check out his Instagram feed @jsaito93 and you’ll see what I'm talking about.

Just like how he makes those precision shots with the red cups, you'll see the same precision in his calculated manual tricks and combos that are ridiculously mind boggling. I believe I met June back in 2010, and even then I knew this guy had some talent on the wooden plank. In person skating with him is like you’re watching a video game or you’re thinking in your head, did he really just do that? Let's see what June will come up with next because the technical level of skating he's doing is sure to reach higher levels.—Willy Santos

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