I guess it could sound strange and weird to compare California and Sicily ways of life… But, for a good long period, these two areas, as far enough as similar to each other, had something in common. It’s a particular type of architecture, that first in America, then all along Sicilian coasts, had an important development right after World War 2. We’re talking about the raising of seaside resorts, “villages for the beaches,” those places born to satisfy the desire of that middle class average human being to escape from the everyday boring jobs and life, to sprint themselves straight into this limbo of fun. This new business got in the mindset of lots of Sicilian contractors, and soon enough Sicily was full of these new type of villages. Our attention fell into one of these places, full azure-sky color, thanks to some pics found on the web of some kids going around inside this kind of swimming pool. Jacopo Carozzi, Aref Koushesh and Martino Cattaneo.