Last Week To Fakie | 7/10/17

Here we go, another week in review, to fakie. So much happens in just one week, it’s really mind-boggling. We couldn’t possibly give everything a mention, so we’re just cherry-picking the stuff we really liked…

Lotta new pros in 2017! No bullshit, we’ve got 24 rookie pros on our list for 2017 (can you name them all?), and it’s only July! Last week saw the addition of Yonnie Cruz and Axel Cruysberghs to the pro ranks for Chocolate and Toy Machine respectively.

If you don’t know.. Now you know! @yonniecruz now pro for @chocolateskateboards 🍫🍫 📸: @wsteves

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@axelcrusher @axelcrusher @axelcrusher @axelcrusher PROFESSIONAL!!!!

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Bobshirt continues to kill it. The latest installment of video interviews from the East Cast had Bobshirt (Tim Anderson) catch up with the one and only Josh Kalis for an amazing 53 minute interview. Did you catch the never been seen footage from LOVE in there? Did you cop one of those ill Bobshirt/Benetton joints before they sold out??

Pro Shooz. We got a look at Tiago’s debut pro model on DC and P-Rod’s tenth (!) shoe on Nike SB. Both clips included heavy bangers:

Stüssy is back with a new Tribe. The Stüssy brand looks poised to make a comeback in the skate world. We’ve been seeing Kevin Terpening wearing the gear for the last year or two but didn’t really know what was up. Last week they dropped Tribe, a short film announcing the new squad.

Primitive does it again. The Primitive team is so damn stacked, they take a trip anywhere and they’re coming back with insane footage. They know how to pick good songs too. They won the internet last Friday with this one introducing its Don Pendelton artist series of decks.

Our 42nd TWS Staff Session Edit was nothing short of a banger. We work in an office just like most people, only our office has a goddam skatepark in the back of it with air conditioning and a big fridge full of Arizona Iced Teas. In between posting news to the website, editing words and photos, talking shit about all the things we hate and find funny and everything else that comes with a day in the TWS offices, it’s basically mandatory to get out in the park to skate for a few hours with each other. And let’s be honest… some of the best brainstorming gets done in between tries back there. We’re convinced that 99% of the reason people like these edits are because of the “fail” clips that are peppered in between the skating… and we are completely okay with that!

Who would you put on the skateboarding version of Mount Rushmore? Our Editor-In-Chief, Jaime Owens hit up a bevy of industry heads (TMs, Pro Skaters, Brand Managers, etc.) and compiled a list of names that they’d likely choose as their four picks. This was featured in our May/June issue but for those of you who only look at your phones on the goddam interwebs, here you go! Click here to see some of the names and be sure to let us know who YOU’D put on Skateboarding’s Mt. Rushmore.

San Francisco and skateboarding go hand-in-hand. We have a new monthly franchise with our friends at The Northern Co. and this was one of the first installments. Nothing beats those classic SF hills! I enjoyed this edit. It was mellow and real and relatable and it did what these millions of skate videos that drop daily are supposed to do—make me want to skate! Sometimes it’s nice to just tone it down a bit. This edit was a breathe of fresh air, check it here in case you missed it!

What’d we miss? Let us know in the comments.

WORDS / @blair.alley & @brian.blakely