100KM south of the U.S. border in Northwest Mexico is Puerto Peñasco, originally developed as a fishing village that became a vacation destination for Mexicans and Americans alike. The global economic downturn of 2008 left its skyline chalked full of incomplete buildings as tourism, and the local economy, suffered to bounce back.

The city has weathered streets and limited spots to skate, yet a strong, energized, community of skateboarders. Without a local shop, skaters from Puerto Peñasco sought the support of shops across the boarder, in neighboring Arizona, and caught the attention of their local government and non-profit groups looking to help their growing movement. Word eventually got to Levis Skateboarding, and it quickly amassed a crew to help them build.

This past spring, Marius Syvanen, Al Partanen, Josh Matthews, Pat Moran, Dan Plunkett and Joey Pepper traveled to Puerto Peñasco with shovels and skateboards in hand to help build a new cement park for the community to enjoy and build upon for years to come.