“This season we finish up here with a compilation of my travels to Panama with the Element Skateboards homies (Nick Garcia, Greyson Fletcher, Julian Davidson) then a Red Bull Skateboarding trip to Iceland together with some of the Huf dudes (Dan Plunkett, Tyler Bledsoe, Josh Matthews) and Kevin Terpening. Then I make a short stop in Gothenburg, Sweden with my friends from DC Shoes (Wes Kremer, Josef Skott Jatta and Jaakko Ojanen) and finally, on the other side of the globe, I visit Tibet on another Red Bull Skateboarding trip this time with Chris Haslam, Peter Molec and Mario Wirnsberger. Everywhere we meet with the locals (BIG THANKS GUYS), skate, party and live life to the fullest. I actually got hurt both in Panama and Tibet, so in stead of skate-footage I give a glimpse into the behind the scenes of our trips. All filmed on my GoPro Hero4 camera and edited by my friend Travis Adams.”—Madars Apse