Magenta presents OLD WOOPS NEW GROOVE, its newest video offering filmed in the hills of San Francisco during the months of August and September 2013.

After working on SF Hill Street Blues 1 & 2, Leo Valls came back to San Francisco to meet up with Ben Gore as well as Zach Chamberlin, downhill filmer extraordinaire.

In this new video piece, the trio utilizes the unique architecture of the city where speed, control and creativity are key. This time, they focus on using the “woops” (driveway bumps) that are often found in the San Francisco hills and were particularly loved by OG SF skaters such as Tommy Guerrero & co. over 20 years ago.
In OLD WOOPS NEW GROOVE, Leo and Ben take an old route through the hills of the city and bring a new groove to the table.

Directed and edited by Leo Valls and Zach Chamberlin

Filmed by Zach Chamberlin